Perfect item for dentist to drill into


Oversized cross collectibles brush for $400 at Tim Gurley Antiques
Avid collector knows more about the business than most dealers
Mr. Molar was recently visiting Tim Gurley’s Antiques on Fair Oaks and was fascinated with a couple of oversized items that would have been perfect in a dentist’s lobby.
The giant tooth and toothbrush props are priced at $400 for the pair.
Mr. Molar is not the shopper’s actual name, but Steve is a high profile dentist who is an avid collector. He was spotted at the recent Palm Spring’s Modernism Show.
The dental props are also cross collectibles in that would fit into the oversized/miniature category since they are super sized versions of much smaller items. Both Dennis Boses and Sheila Silber tend to gravitate toward items that fall into the “supersized” category.


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